Have you guessed it yet?

Did you already know?

Probably not, but if you did, well done.

I've already used it four times in this blog post (if you include the headline).

Yeah, you got it... It's YOU.

Other than using someone's name, using the word YOU is the best way to let them know that you are communicating with them in mind.

This is a powerful thing to remember whenever you are writing proposals, blog posts and especially when writing marketing content.

You want your audience to feel that the message is intended for solely for THEM.

If you only talk about yourself and how good you are, they're going to switch off instantly.

You'll begin to notice this all the time in advertising that targets you.

How are they making you feel the urge to purchase?

What specific words are they using? And how much do they speak about themselves?

When you begin to question why you yourself are compelled to buy, and what specifically influences your purchasing decisions, you will begin to look at how you market your product or service in a new light.

Remember, everyone is walking around thinking how they can improve THEIR situation... They really don't have the time or inclination to hear all about you.

Talk to them about their lives and aim to give value whilst expecting nothing back in return.

If they don't end up buying from you, don't worry... They're very likely to talk about you because you dared to be different and you stood out because of it... And making people WANT to talk about you is the ultimate form of marketing.

Source: Copyblogger