I met Neil at a talk I was doing on Personal Branding in London.

He was looking to make the transition from Police Officer to cake maker and decorator... Seems a natural career progression to me!

So, Neil came up with the name 999 Baker and wanted to little subtle wit into the logo. He wanted something that told the story of his past but was immediately clear what he is doing now.

We explored a number of options but eventually came back to this, which was the very first one I created.

The idea was to create a badge/emblem type logomark... I used a crossed truncheon and whisk to show the past and future of Neils journey.

The style is very much in keeping with a police badge, but it has been rendered in a loose, hand-drawn style to show the craft and homemade quality of the cakes.

With this project, there were at least two or three other concepts that I think we could have successfully explored.

The combination of cakes and cops was visually rich in symbolism.

So, any law enforcement home bakers out there, I've got a spare concept or two you could use :)