I saw a job advert recently that  came up on my Linked In feed.

It was for a management role in a digital design agency. Not something I'd look to apply for, but I knew the agency so was curious to read a little about it.

A sentence jumped out that I reckon was trying to sound appealing... But to me it was a huge red flag.

The sentence in question contained the phrase 'you'll be working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment'.

I've worked in one of those before.

It was bloody awful.

Basically it means that you have to work really quickly, under constant time scrutiny and working to unrealistic deadlines.

I assume the dynamic bit is because you often have to squeeze 12 hours work into 8. 

The more I do this job, the more I see the creative process being aided by a relaxed and strategic approach... And hindered by tiny budgets, last minute deadlines and a total lack of goal setting.

If they'd advertised the job as saying 'Work in a relaxed, creative and strategic environment'

That would appeal to me more.

'Fast paced and dynamic' just sounds like an attempt to make 'high pressured and unrealistic' sound cool.

Not for me, lads. Thanks anyway.