This is just something I did.

I didn't plan it as some kind of strategy or anything. It just seemed like a good idea.

Basically, a couple of years ago I heard Brad Burton talk on the London Real podcast.

He was promoting a book... 'Get Off Your Arse', if I remember correctly.… And after seeing the show I thought it was worth a buy.

The book did what I thought it would... Help me to come to the realisation that my happiness was likely to be increased by quitting my job and going out on my own.

So, I found Brad on social media and thanked him.

He asked me if I’d write him an amazon review, which I of course did.

Once I’d done that, I sent him a link to the review and we continued to engage with each others content from time to time.

When it came to launching my website, Brad gave me an amazing shout-out to his followers which directly lead to my first sale.

But I see the power of what Brad did too. I’ve become a customer of his, attending Brad Camp and also joining his Networking organisation, 4N.

But Brad has become a customer of mine too. The relationship spawned from me reaching out to someone who I would never have dreamed would approach me to do work.

Picking the right people to engage with and offering them value is a great way to naturally raise your profile online.

Here's the book I mentioned anyways. It's got wit, charm and a huge smattering of northern grit.