Why your logo matters

Some people think that this is an area they can cheap out on, they can blag it or fudge it.

And you can to an extent. But it all depends on where you want to be.

If you're ambitious, and you really want your message to resonate with who you're trying to sell to, and you're trying to influence and persuade, then a logo that tells your story is essential.

I've split this post into 3 key ideas that show why I think your logo is an essential marketing tool.


01. It shows that you mean business

If you invest time, energy and money into how your brand is represented, it gives the impression that you're serious about what you do.

It shows that you understand people, and what motivates them.

You wouldn't show up for a meeting in a clown suit, would you?

So surely, a logo that was thrown together leaves an equally bad taste in your mouth?

If your logo doesn't match your story then you're giving mixed messages.

You're saying one thing when you talk, and then your logo is saying something totally different.

It's an opportunity to show that you can be trusted.

We spend time don't we, brushing our hair, making sure we represent ourselves the best we can.

The same should apply to our brands.


02. Branding influences purchasing

It's a fact. Look at Nike and Reebok.

One has a higher perceived value than the other; even though they're probably made side-by-side in the same sweat shops.

The difference is how one is sold to the consumer.

It's in the branding and the story that's behind it.

So, with your brand... you can stand out.

You can dictate the level that you set your prices.

You just need to demonstrate value, and show that you take your brand seriously.


03. People want to belong to a cause

We're a social animal.

People want to belong to a cause.

We want to be near people we are similar to, and away from people who see the world differently.

So if you can create a brand that's got a tribal nature to it. One that people has a cause or message that people want to be part of, then that's pretty powerful.

It's more than the logo though, it's the whole brand ethos.

Ask the right questions. Think what people are seeking, then provide it.

For me, that's a big idea.

Find what people are seeking, then provide it.