This isn't a post about the new Instagram logo. But it could be.

I'll use a different example to try and make it not be quite so 'trendy'.

When the BBC3 identity  got released, loads of people said it looked like 'II!' (2!)

I remember talking with my pal mark about it on blab. (He's a fellow designer).

I said that I think companies sometimes make stuff controversial on purpose.

Just to get people talking about it.

They know very well it will be redesigned every 5-10 years for as long as it exists.

This is just how the game works now.

Companies like Channel 5 have been doing for ages... Pepsi even longer.

And I have been one to romanticise logos that have stood the test of time in the past.

Legends like Saul Bass and Paul Rand who have designed logos that still work to this day.

But it's not reality.

It's not how the world really works.

There's a hazy 'selection bias' filter being applied to 'big-up' the design heavyweights.

What about the rest of us?

The reality is that logos and brands evolve over time. An unchanged logo works well in a static marketplace... But we've gone through 30 years of cultural change that have never been seen before.

Now a logo redesign is a chance to blow up on social media and on discussion boards.

And sometimes, doing this shamelessly over and over again actually helps a company grow.

I don't particularly like it.

But I accept it is a thing.

And ultimately, it means more people will keep needing logos.

So, chase the bright spots, eh?

Who wants a rebrand?