The most valuable thing I learned this year has to be the value of blogging regularly.

I've done over 70 days in a row, and it's pretty much down to this episode of the Seanwes podcast.

One of the examples they gave is a piece of advice from Jerry Seinfeld.

I paraphrase, but he said something like 'I have a big year planner on the wall in my office. Every day that I write, I mark it with a big red X... Joining up with the previous day. My only job is to never break the chain'.

Something about this idea; its simplicity, and the clearly defined criteria for success and failure hit home with me.

I just had to show up every day.

I could do that.

So, since listening to that show I haven't broken the chain.

And It feels good.

Other than increasing traffic to my website, and sparking engagement and conversations on social media - it's had loads of other benefits too.

Through a post I wrote on personal branding, I was asked to deliver two talks down in London.

This is a great excuse to work on something I'm not hugely experienced doing.

Also, two new collaborative projects have emerged, working with people at opposite sides of the planet... It blows my mind.

So, the big lesson I learned is the power of doing something every single day.

I think it's important to constantly check-in and ask yourself if your habits are serving you, or holding you back.

I'd not really looked at it like this before.