This week I've been mostly thinking about posture.

It cropped up in a blog post I read and a podcast I listened to, too.

There must be something in it.

So, today, when I was at a networking event, I was ultra-mindful about how I was carrying myself.

I focussed on my shoulders... How I positioned my feet and what I was doing with my hands.

Weirdly, it almost felt like it was helping how I thought and formed sentences.

I managed to lose a lot of the anxiety I normally have, and focussed on what I was trying to say.

I've also tried this with the position I sit in when working.

Being mindful of posture and body positioning seems to help me find a 'creative flow state', somehow.

NLP says that body language can dictate mood, but maybe it can also impact the ideas we have.

This is something I'm going to keep working on.

If you see my logos get better all of a sudden, you'll know what caused it.