It was about a year ago when I started it.

And it's had a huge impact on the way I look at the world.

The title of this post, I mean... 'Deep thinking time'.

Usually for about 2 to 3 hours a week.

I'll sit with a pen and paper and just free-flow write ideas down on the page.

It could be for something I'm working on, something I want to be doing, or any old random guff that happens to be in my head - Quotes, lyrics, random rhymes and witticisms.

I remember reading a great quote from Henry Ford once:

"Thinking is some of the hardest work there is, which is probably why so few people pursue it"

For me, this statement rings so true.

To battle with a blank sheet of paper be able to create 'something' from 'nothing' is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

The space you get your head into when you isolate yourself is pretty alien at first, especially nowadays when access to all the information in the world is at our fingertips.

It feels counter-intuitive to turn your back on this and look within, but it works.

It's like going back to those days of extreme boredom as a child, when nobody was playing out.

You went into a weird dreamworld and just gazed aimlessly into the distance - That's the frame of mind I seek.

This is when ideas happen.

But you have to sit with no stimulus for long periods of time. Often well over an hour.

Then suddenly it clicks. You know immediately when it happens.

You begin to write and cant stop.

Most of it is crap, don't get me wrong... But ideas are flowing.

And nine times out of ten, the problem you were mulling over is solved. Or very often a totally different one!

Most people won't discover this though because they can't work through the boredom.

If you ever need to create something from nothing, why not give it a go?

Reduce the stimulus. Sit with just a pen and paper and think.

Battle through it. Allow boredom to sink in, and see what happens.