Ideas, bubbling away - mmmmmmmmm! Smells good.

Ideas, bubbling away - mmmmmmmmm! Smells good.

[Aside] Good evening. How the devil are you?

I don't know if you've been here before, or it's your first time dropping by, but I just wanted to say thanks, and that I appreciate you taking the time out of your day.

There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet, so you being here even for a moment makes me happy. Feel free to reach out and say 'hi'... Always happy to spark up a conversation :)

But enough of all that, let's get on with the post...

I reckon most of us can learn a lot about getting attention from the big players in the fast food industry.

They use several psychological marketing techniques to make you think of them, even at the most random times.

For example, what do you think of when someone say's 'have it your way' or 'I'm lovin' it'.

Neither mention food, but the fact that these phrases crop up pretty often in daily conversations means that the subliminal link to the products they sell is strengthened and reinforced constantly.

Hands up who wants a burger now?

But this isn't the technique I want to talk about today.

I'm not sure what it was, but I was thinking about KFC this morning.

In particular, I was thinking about the Colonel's Secret Recipe and how powerful it has been for their brand.

A basic combination of cheap herbs to cover even cheaper chicken has made countless millions. And it's all smoke and mirrors - To rub it in, they even make you eat it out of a bucket.

But anyway, it got me thinking... What worked for them is that they had something that nobody else had.

They had a USP, but in reality it wasn't recipe... We knew that all along, didn't we?!

What they had was a story.

An old guy who made great chicken... And from that a global brand emerged.

We bought into the romance of a normal man (just like the rest of us) having a little business that just grew by word of mouth.

Maybe people travelled from distant towns to eat, and eventually he opened another one, then another one, just to satisfy demand... Then before he knew it, he had restaurants in every state... Maybe it happened something like that? It'd be nice if it did.

However it did it, the customer can create their own story... There's a magic to that.

What you need to do is find YOUR secret sauce.

Give your customers a piece of your back story. Make them interested in WHY you do what you do... As I see it, that's the golden key.

Take a stance, narrow your focus. Think deeply about an itch that needs to be scratched for customer.

Then very methodically, and very specifically, show how you can solve their problem.

If what you say comes from a place of truth, with the intent of giving value to people... I can't see how you'll go wrong.

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