To sell a product or service you must first convince somebody that they have a need for what you're offering.

The most common mistake I see businesses make is that they don't see themselves from their customer's point of view.

I was re-reading Hooked by Nir Eyal this morning because I wanted to revise something he'd said about variable reward.

Think about it. When you go into Facebook, a large part of you choosing that over other apps is the infinite randomness of what you could see.

There may be likes on your pictures or posts, which gives you validation from the tribe.

You may have new friend requests to consider.

You may discover your favourite musician is coming to town.

Or you may find absolutely nothing of interest and head over to Instagram instead.

The fact that the result is different almost every time means that it triggers a 'gambling impulse' in our minds.

Refreshing the feed is pulling the lever on a fruit machine.

B.F. Skinner calls this a 'reward of the hunt'.

It's a primal urge that has been in our DNA for tens of thousands of years.

This is great for social media platforms. But how can other businesses use these ideas to trigger a similar behaviour in their customers?

Well, in addition to rewards of the hunt, Skinner also talks about rewards of the tribe and of the self.

Rewards of the tribe are pretty obvious... It's the feeling you get from teamwork, co-operation, receiving validation from someone or even from competition.

Brands who create a 'community' are benefitting from this massively.

The one I want to focus on for my business though, is 'rewards of the self'.

The problems I solve for my customers are very much about confidence and perception.

My customers know that if they take their visual identity seriously, then there's a high likelihood that their customers will do too.

It's very similar to why people buy expensive designer suits for business.

Their taking pride in what they do leads you to make certain assumptions about how successful they are.

I always ask, if a brand is cutting corners on their design and marketing, where else are they doing this?

I appeal to people's desire for 'status' to make them understand why they need to commission me to produce their logo.

People naturally want to be the best versions of themselves.

If you can show how your product or service helps people to do this, then that is very powerful.

You'll trigger a primal urge in their brains that will make them desire what you do.

Here's an exercise for you:

The next time you see an advert and feel compelled to buy what they're offering... Try to work out if they have used one of Skinner's rewards.

Was it a reward of the tribe, the hunt or of the self?

The more you spot this being used, the more ideas you'll get to market YOUR business.

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