Another quick post tonight.. I was in forbidden planet in Manchester today and I got a bit nostalgic looking at old comics... It got me thinking about some of the artwork and logos that I loved as a kid.

Here are three of my favourites... I spent many an hour drawing these whilst waiting for Amiga games to load... Those were the days, eh?

01. Thundercats

This is one of the most badass logos ever drawn... The cat symbol works far better alone in black and red, but I can't help but feel nostalgic when I look at the ridiculous chrome effect on the lettering... I hope whoever designed it got paid handsomely... The royalties that have been made since in apparel and toys must be enormous.

02. Iron Maiden

This logo comes from an era when the artwork was a huge factor in whether or not you picked up a record in the first place.

I remember getting my first Iron Maiden album from Woolworths in Bolton after being drawn to the scary demonic images on the front.

It was everything that young boys loved; devils, demons and adventure... It drew you in and got you wondering what the music was like... I actually miss the ritual of sitting staring at album covers like this whilst listening to the music. Don't tell the missus, I might start getting into collecting vinyl.... Shhhhhh!

03. Transformers

More 3D shiny metal, are you spotting a theme?

But if you discard the slightly shoddily drawn lettering, the robot icon is pretty awesome.

I'm currently waiting for an opportunity to do a homage to this era of graphics... So if you want a retro, chunky chrome effect 3D logo... Let's talk!