I've realised that I've kinda got my routine all skewed.

I asked myself what was the most important things I wanted to achieve today.

Other than creating the best logo design work I can for my clients, obviously, I wasn't hitting the key things I thought working freelance would allow me to.

I wanted to exercise more and continue personal development.

So far, my writing has been really valuable, But I've only just started doing it

It's given me some amazing opportunities already, so I'm determined to keep working at it.

But other than that... I know that there are hours in the day where I can be more productive.

I know it's possible to get through my client work and still make time to take care of my health and work on my writing. (My two non-work-related priorities).

At the minute I am spinning lots of plates, but it feels bloody inefficient.

So, next week I'm going to mix it up with a new routine.

I'm gonna plan my days more rigorously... Allocating blocks of times to key tasks and being focussed to stick to it.

Kinda like being my own PA... But I'll be sure to allow myself ample rest periods too.

There needs to be an upside.

On Monday morning I will start properly. But I'm pre-planning it now.

My first blog post (which I'll write between 5am and 6:30am) will be about my schedule for the proceeding 2 days.

At the end of the week I'll write about how it has worked out.

What aspects I will keep? If any. And which I will continue to develop?

I want to design a work day that fits me and my agenda.

  • I'll work when I'm most productive.
  • I'll rest when I need to.
  • I'll exercise when I'm at my most energised.
  • And I'll hopefully free up some time for fun... Maybe.

I'm also considering allocating themes to my blog topics on each day, to give me a structure to work to.

So it would be like 'Tips on Tuesday' and 'Book review Friday' or something similar.

Let me know if that sounds good or terrible in the comments below.

Or if you're indifferent, just leave nothing. :)