It's a great song... But I'm not sure the Chilis were talking about giving away free samples of your product or service in order to get your potential customers hooked.

Still, the repetition really hits home how powerful this could be for your business.

It's been said before, but the 'drug dealer' model can be very successful.

Give a little sample of your product away, enough to tease them with the benefits... Then snatch it away quickly and start charging for it.

Sounds quite sinister, but there are ethical ways to do it.

Many SaaS companies give away short trial periods or access to a limited version of the service, where you need to upgrade to get more features.

This works incredibly well, and allows you to get feedback on your product so you can continue to make improvements.

In the graphic design world, there is (unfortunately) a culture of expectation that designers will work for free.

I get asked most weeks if I'd like to do free work 'for the benefit of my portfolio'.

I'm not one of those who goes into an angry rant about it. That serves no purpose.

I've managed to create a solution that helps us both to come out of the exchange happy.

Basically, I tell them that I give away one free logo every month to a member of my mailing list... If they sign up, maybe they'll get lucky.

Having this response 'in the holster' means I can never be be put awkwardly on the spot, and I also can allow them to leave the exchange without feeling turned down.

My brand does not suffer, and I potentially earn a new person to market to.

But I've not even hit on the main reason I started writing this post. The reason why I have benefitted from working for free.

When I create a logo for somebody, and they don't pay, it could be argued that they will not value what I've done for them. But that's not what I've found.

A logo I did for free, which I posted on Instagram has won me more referral work than any I've been paid for.

I look at each free logo as a seed I am planting.

I create the logo, then the brand starts to grow.

When someone gets a logo designed, they show it to people... They talk about it... They want to put it EVERYWHERE.

If it's any good, it will spark conversations.... Where do you think that could eventually lead?

"Oh, that's nice... Where did you get that done"

"Oh, this chap off the internet, Super Logo Boy or something like that"

"Super Logo Boy??"

"Yeah, daft name, but he know's what he's doing"

That's how I hope the conversation would go anyway.

And funnily enough, out of the 5 people who have won my logos so far, 2 of them have already referred more than one paying customer each to me.

Customers that I wouldn't have got otherwise... And that's only so far.

These brands will continue to grow, network and evolve... Who knows how many more referrals could arise... And every new one I do is another seed.

It's nothing new, and it's certainly not rocket science... But it does require doing great work and providing so much value people want to talk about you.

So, that's why I think this is a pretty powerful model.

Oh yeah, and my mailing list is growing a lot quicker too, which can only be a good thing.

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