This morning I was sat sipping my coffee, watching random videos on YouTube, and came across one of those nutters with a GoPro climbing up a crane.

I don't have a fear of heights or anything, but still, I felt my heart rate increase and my palms get a little sweaty.

Something about the tiny video, filling only a quarter of my MacBook's screen, made my animal brain think there was an immediate threat to my survival.

My body went into some kind of hypersensitivity mode... I focussed in on his breathing and could see crystal clear detail of the deadly fall below.

This is a very powerful state of consciousness.

It got me thinking about how great marketing can make us feel.

A film trailer can take us to another world for 30 seconds... And a John Lewis Christmas advert could make us feel the pain of a lost relative.

Whether we like it or not, advertisers try to tell stories that speak to us on an emotional level.

They paint pictures of the benefits their products can provide. They show us the frustration of problems they claim to solve.

Have you thought about this with your marketing?

Have you focussed in on your customer's world and thought about how you really add value to their life?

I see many companies missing out on great opportunities to tell their story.

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