So far in 2016 we've seen quite a few big companies choose to reinvigorate their brands.

From global giants like UBER, to Channel 5 (in the UK), Nandos and even the BBC with their BBC3 and CBBC sub-brands getting a total overhaul.

I'd say that 70-80% of the logos I produce are for new companies. But there's a good number of clients who approach me to help them re-launch or re-position their brand.

Here are some of the reasons that may mean you should be looking at bringing your identity up-to-date.

1. Was your logo EVER really suitable? (be honest)

This one is quite common. Many companies don't put enough time and investment into their visual branding from the outset, so they soon find that they have outgrown the logo they use and that it isn't appropriate to where they are going.

If your logo doesn't represent what you stand for, then chances are it won't stick in the minds of your target audience.

2. Does your logo tell your story?

People always ask me what I mean by story. One simple way I've found to describe this is WHY you do what you do... And 'to make profit' doesn't cut it. Not if you want to build up a loyal customer base, anyway.

To find your 'why' you need to think about what makes you unique.

My 'why' is 'To make the best logo in the world, or die trying'.

I'm committed to daily growth and improvement, and by specialising in logo design and personal branding, I am carving a niche where people will see Super Logo Boy as the go-to-guy for branding and logo design. That's the plan at least.

What's your why? What makes you different from your competition? Why should people remember YOU?

3. Does your logo work in today's marketplace?

The world has changed. Companies are spending more and more of their marketing budgets online... It makes perfect sense because that's where the attention is going.

Where attention goes, money flows... It's as simple as that.

Last year we saw Google unveil probably their most successful rebrand. They wanted to ensure that their logo and brand collateral held its integrity at super-small sizes on app icons and on social media.

Many companies have tried to shoe-horn a logo designed in a different era onto modern communication platforms and just hope that it holds up.

Complicated gradients and overly detailed logos just look messy nowadays. Simple, clean and often 'flat' designs are preferred by consumers as they're easier to decode and digest.

4. Does your logo stand out from the competition?

Markets are constantly changing, and it only takes one new player entering the arena to make everyone else need to up their game.

If you feel you're getting lost in a busy marketplace, it might be time to look at relaunching your brand.

It's great opportunity to re-engage your existing customer base and show them that you are investing in the future.

This will give the perception that you're growing and looking to improve... It's also a great way to bring your team together increase motivation, job-satisfaction and morale.

5. Have you outgrown your existing logo?

Times change and the goals you had when you first started may not align with where you are now.

A dated, tired or badly fitting logo can hold you back purely because you'll be seen as being small.

Companies who don't take themselves seriously (or don't appear to) won't be taken seriously by their customers.

To achieve big, you need to think big.

And it doesn't have to cost thousands, but it should have some serious time and thought put into it so that you can not only 'look the business', but be confident that the lasting impression your customers have of you is one that YOU have created.

Think of it this way, you wouldn't turn up to a pitch wearing shorts and trainers, that would be inappropriate. You dress according to the environment you are moving into.

The same rule should be applied to your brand. If you're looking to pick up 6 figure contracts, rolling up with a brand that was thrown together ten years ago will likely be the lasting memory that they have of you.

A slap-dash approach to your own brand will leave people thinking that is how you operate.

So, if you feel that your brand is holding you back, or you're a little embarrassed when you hand over your business card, it may be worth having a conversation to see if there's anything I can help you with.

I offer a free, no obligation consultancy call. Click here to fill in a questionnaire and I'll be in touch.