How do you use social media?

  • Post a few links to interesting things?
  • Share articles and photos of your meals and cats?
  • Chat to friends?

We all do that stuff, but to gain real traction and deep relationships with your audience you're going to have to show a bit more of the real you... I think that's where social media is heading.

You need to think about your business... And specifically about what you do every day, that may appear mundane to you, but could be really interesting to your customers.

Your content strategy should be based in what your audience wants to consume.

Think what questions you can answer and what barriers to a sale you can remove.

I've been thinking a lot about this recently and am now doubling down on Snapchat.

In addition to the mundane 'life stuff'... I'm going to be showing logos on screen that I'm currently working on, but with video explanations of the concepts behind them.

What this will show my potential customers is the depth and thought that goes into each job.

I can talk about the problems that have been solved and how I came to the solutions.

The only problem is, that it does feel pretty weird when you first try.

Talking into a camera, looking at your own face staring back at you... But you do get used to it.

And once people start to engage with 'your story'... You begin to realise that the interaction aspect of snapchat is totally different to any other platform.

It's just more fun. More real.

So why not follow me over there?