Ultra, ultra brief blog post tonight. Super brief. I promise.

I had a thought today, about the periods of your life where you are super productive and make huge strides forwards.

Then there's those other times too. The ones where you make slow-to-no progress at all.

How can we make sure we spend more time in the first state, and less in the second?

If we could work that out, surely we could fast-track our progress almost infinitely.

Well, I noticed one thing today.

In the last month, I've spent more time by myself than at any other time in the last 6 months, and I've made huge progress in all the metrics I measure in my business and overall happiness / wellness.

Solitude - Deep Thinking Time

I think one thing that I try to do, that when I do it consistently, gives me excellent results, is deep thinking time.

I mean, no interruptions. Just sit at a desk with a pen and paper and capture your thoughts.

  • No phone
  • No music
  • No computer
  • No other people

If nothing comes, that's fine. It's meditation. Your subconscious is de-fragmenting.

But very often I've found an idea will come.

Something that you can often action straight away.

For me, it tends to be an idea for logo I am working on. Something will just click.

It's allowing yourself this space, and freedom to play, that will give you the best results.

When you work to other people's schedules and demands, then you tend to cut corners and put out inferior work. Well, that's what I did in the past.

Focussed Time

But now that I work for myself. I only work when my mind is focussed. Not when my employer is watching the clock.

Every hour I charge is focussed and dedicated to being the best it can possibly be.

There's an honesty to this craft. I think there's something to be said for 'focussed hours' over 'billed hours'. This is a topic I'll likely return to.