This is one of the most important questions, which very few people ask.

But knowing it, won't do you any good... Unless you know who to ask.

My mentor taught me this and I never thought I'd share it with anyone.

Not sure why I am, actually.

But, when I found out who to ask, my life totally changed.

I knew what I needed to do every day. And I knew the life I wanted to live.

I'm hoping by now, you're wondering who it is you need to ask this question to.

Well, let me explain. The first person you must ask this question to is the person you wish to become.

Because, if you don't know this, you could be drifting through life, never meeting your potential. I understand everyone's not wired the way I am. The way I choose to live isn't normal, but neither is yours, probably.

So, that's why it came as a shock to me too.

But I let it sink in. And once I decided where I wanted my life to go. I found my North Star (which I hinted at in yesterdays post) and managed to work out what that person was doing in life to be able to get where they were.

It just clicked for me. The idea was simple.

Look at the Rocky story, the rise of a nobody to a somebody.

He was the weirdo who punched meat in a butchers. He ran at 4am. He sacrificed everything for his craft. This is what it takes.

You just need to decide, is the effort you're putting in giving you the rewards you deserve?

Could there be an easier way?

Only you can answer that.

But, assuming you have come to two decisions. The first being who you will ask, and the second being how they behave... You will now have a model for what you need to do to get to where you need to be.

Surely it's worth a try for a year or two.

Once you are on this path. I believe it's likely you'll be on the way to starting your own business, or maybe even expanding into a new one.

So the next question is key. The person you need to ask, is who are you selling to?

It's been said a million times, but I don't think anyone truly understands.

Paint a picture of your target customer.

Ok, I am going to give a very crude example that EVERYONE can understand.

Imagine a single man, who is looking to start a relationship with a nice young lady.

He struggles dating, doesn't understand women and hasn't had much success up to now.

What advice would you give him?

I'd say, you need to understand what a woman is looking for. What does she want?

Biologically, women are more attracted to a healthy man, as he will more likely give her healthy children... So step one, look after your health.

Number 2, women like a confident man. So if you are shy, you need to work on this. Visit local meetup groups. Get comfortable meeting new people in a non threatening atmosphere, then work up to using dating websites or speed-dating (whatever it is that young folks do nowadays).

Another thing that women like, is for a man to be able to provide for himself.

He must be independent and be able to form a strong partnership in the form of a family. So, the thing he must work on is his personal development.

Is he gaining skills that will push him forwards?

Is he pursuing a career that fulfils him spiritually?

These are things he must consider, if he wants to be the best he can be.

But I overthink things.

Maybe he should just wax some fancy clothes on a credit card, take some daft selfies and get on tinder.

Either way, he'll get his end away.


This writing every day thing. It's bloody hard, I do not lie.

But I tell you what, It's working out. And it's fun to be able to get the daft shit that goes on in my head out on the screen. Makes it more real.

Anyway. In less that two weeks, I've seen a huge spike in engagement, it's INCREDIBLE. Two opportunities presented themselves today as a direct result of a post I wrote last week. I simply wouldn't have been a contender.

I encourage anyone who has considered it, to give it a serious go.

I will be pushing myself hard in this area to improve. Team #workallday yo!