Back in my day, we used social media to give a quick insight into what we were currently doing. 

We’d spout opinions, mundane or otherwise, to a tribe of like minded followers, who would often reply and engage to start up new conversations. It was all very straight forward.

Fast forward to today and live streaming video apps started to emerge.

I dipped my toe with both Periscope and Meerkat, but exclusively as a viewer.

It was though that made me take the plunge and actually get in front of the camera.

So, why is Blab different? What made me take to this platform, rather than Meerkat and Periscope?

Well, I’ll start by briefly outlining what blab is (emphasis on briefly) and then I’ll go onto the 3 main reasons why you should be getting on there too!

Blab is basically a conference call app. You can speak with up to 3 other people at one time, with potentially dozens (or even hundreds) of people ‘in the room’ on the call too.

Although they aren’t on camera, they can add comments into the chat section on the side of the screen, so it's a very immersive and interactive experience, even if you choose not to go on camera.

Screenshot of a blab I was watching today... Notice the chat bar on the right hand side.

Screenshot of a blab I was watching today... Notice the chat bar on the right hand side.

The cool thing about it is that everything moves so quickly.

People can drop in and out of the call as seats become available, which causes the dynamics of the conversation to shift as new people enter or leave.

Another great feature allows you to record the session so that the content can be re-purposed for podcasts or YouTube videos. Admittedly, it’s still in beta at the moment, so there are occasional bugs.. But I think the potential for this platform is huge.

Anyway, here are the 3 reasons why I think YOU should be on there:

Reason 1 - Focussed attention

As Gary V says, attention is everything.

Where attention goes, money flows.

With platforms like Blab, the audience has to commit to being there. They can't be half-assed doing it while checking emails or talking on whatsapp... If they are in the room, then they are literally 'in the room'.

Also, because you are face-to-face with other people, you are more focussed on delivering content with them in mind.

Being able to see the expressions on their faces and hear the tone of their voice allows you to pick up on signals that simply aren't there in a 'message based' platform.

The more skilled broadcasters use this to their advantage. They adjust their content to suit the audience at hand... Blab just makes that a bit easier.

Reason 2 - Personal development

I’d say that the main reason I personally have gone on Blab is to get comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

Public speaking is listed as many people’s biggest fear… Even ahead of death.

I have to admit, it’s not something I’m a huge fan of, so being able to practice in a relatively ‘safe’ environment is amazing.

Blab has a very supportive community of regular users, and it’s still actually quite small. You’re unlikely to command a huge audience when you first get on there, so you can learn the ropes safe in the knowledge that you won’t be seen by tonnes of people.

The ‘transferable’ skill of being confident speaking to camera is going to serve you in many other areas of your life. Even if it's just for 1-2-1 skype calls or FaceTime... This is going to become an increasingly common part of every day life - You don't want to be left behind.

Reason 3 - Answer your audiences questions

This one is the real gold. But it doesn’t sound like it.

I always think of social media as primarily a listening tool. You use it to find out what’s going on, both in the world in general, then also in the lives of the people you follow.

Look, listen and interact.

It's almost guaranteed... Your customers will have questions about what you do. Ones that aren’t answered on your website. If you are accessible and available to help, this is another barrier being removed from the sale.

Being accountable these days is everything. Having a video on your website makes you more human and should increase conversions. But being LIVE on camera, warts and all, being able and willing to answer any questions put to you… This is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase what you know and win the trust of anybody watching.

So, these are just three reasons why I jumped on… And I’m only beginning to scratch the surface.

My advice would be to head over there and watch other people's blabs first. See how they are using it… Then once you feel confident, jump on and get involved.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have and offer advice I can. You can put questions in the comments below, or shoot me an email here.