This is going to be an ultra concise post... But it's one that I think has real value to any young, aspiring or improving graphic designer.

This industry moves at such a pace that keeping up is a daily endeavour.

One thing I've realised though, is that the key lessons you learn in your career are probably a bit more evergreen.

Personally, I love to look to the past for inspiration. Back to a time of real craftsmen, who had far more primitive tools than we do today.

Type had to be set by hand and multiple colours were a luxury.

My personal hero from this era is Saul Bass.

From logos that remain in use 50 years after they were designed, to film posters and title sequences that have changed the course of popular culture... The man was prolific!

The reason I write this post though is to share this video I stumbled across on YouTube last week.

It shows the thinking and rationale behind arguably one of the greatest logos ever made... The Bells System logo.

In less than 30 minutes it has taught me more about branding than my 3 year University degree... It's mind blowing how relevant some of the ideas are today!

It talks about meaning, relevancy to your audience and consistent messaging across various channels... Watch the master and learn.