[A group of graphic designers think they can reclaim their youth and skate like they're still fifteen. Spoiler alert: They can't.]

As a teenager, I was part of a group of rollerbladers. Hardly a posse, but we did think we were pretty damn cool.

We would skate on the Asda carwash at our local retail park, where we'd cover curbs and ledges with wax so we could 'grind' on them... General, low-level vandalism.

When we were about to 'pull a trick', we'd push each other to go as fast as possible; to increase both the difficulty and the danger levels.

It either meant we pulled off something incredible, or fall and end up in A&E.

It's funny to think that the lack of regard for our own safety was actually pushing us to achieve... Albeit with very questionable KPI's and ROI.

But still, I'm glad I did it... Even when I remember the day at Bones skatepark in Stockport when I returned home with fistful of broken fingers... It was all worth it.

The highs beat the lows. The thrills beat the pain. The only problem though, is that our knees couldn't take the punishment for too many years.

An odd thing... Out of the group of us who skated together; the majority of us became either graphic designers or web developers... This link with extreme sports and the creative industries has been discussed before, but I always find it curious.

I suppose I should really get to some kind of point though.

What I've been thinking about recently is that we don't put ourselves into scary situations as much when we get older.

We get comfortable, we get lazy and we get cautious.

I'm personally trying to battle against this.

It's time to embrace the chaos... Because when we were kids, we said:

"If you ain't scared, you're not going fast enough"

Life was more fun back then... Maybe this is the reason why?