The Story
My buddy Faisal, wanted a personal brand, but one that could have several 'products' or 'service offerings' within it. Complicated already...

We decided to create a brand around his first name, Fais, with all the other 'products' using a consistent style and treatment so that they were easy to recognise and would 'belong' to the master brand.

The Idea
The majority of Fais' customers are young and interested in health and fitness, so we knew it needed to fit well within that space. We looked to the likes of Nike and Apple when we were thinking about positioning - The 'power words' we had in mind were 'creativity, innovation, confidence and style'.

Given that we knew Fais would be adding products and services over time, I created a framework so they could be created 'on-the-fly' whilst being consistent with everything else he offers. Each sub-brand has a unique icon, made form the 7x7 grid below.

The icons are tied together with a simple type system that focuses attention on the key benefit of each service. Having the word 'kickstart' has been retained before each of the sub-brands as this is a name Fais has been using for some time, and wants to continue using, albeit in a different format.