The Story
Oink Money is one of those websites you can go to when you're looking for a loan and you want to check loads of options in one place.

It uses some clever algorithm thingy to check over 40 different providers, gets you the best deal without you even needing to get a credit check, then gives you loads of different options.

They came to me with just a name and wanted a warm and friendly brand identity to make sure the website felt honest and trustworthy. Shouldn't be too difficult :)

The Idea
With it being money and pig related, I thought immediately of doing something around a piggy bank... It's got warm and positive connotations... Makes you think of saving money, even though it's for borrowing money - Latching onto an emotion is a really powerful way to build up trust with your audience... Us marketers are bastards sometimes, aren't we?

So, I took the idea of a piggy bank and put a bit of a spin on it. I didn't want it to be like a typical piggy bank logo, so I thought, let's focus on the pigs tail (and bum) to give people a reason to remember it. The twisty tail represents the 'O' in oink, and it makes you do a double take to see what's going on.

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