A super-short rant post today, which is a little different to what I usually write, but I keep seeing stuff on Social media, which quite frankly, boils my piss. (Sorry gran).

There are too many people talking about which platform is 'killing it' at the moment... Echoing Gary V-type rhetoric.

The way I see it, the folks shouting about whether Snapchat or Instagram are winning, or if Twitter is dead, are totally missing the point.

Social media shouldn't be so self-referential. Talking about social media on social media is like watching a tv programme about tv sets. Bloody pointless.

Social media is about humans, conversations and being SOCIAL. The platforms themselves are just doorways to allow you to connect with people.

Sometimes Instagram will be where the eyes are looking... At other times it will be Snapchat, Twitter or even LinkedIn. But that's not what's important.

If you focus on the platform you are putting your energy in the wrong place. It's about the people, the content and the conversations that are happening.

I can go on LinkedIn and build relationships by talking to people about their businesses, lives or ideas. I can go on Snapchat and find interesting conversations there. I don't care about the latest updates or who is copying who. It really doesn't matter.

People matter. And these are the doorways to talk to them.

I'd rather put my energy into finding conversations rather than talking about the tools we use to do it.

Maybe I'm getting it wrong, though.