The Story
I met Sebastian at a networking event I host in Manchester for people who are looking to set up a small business or startup. He's a super clever guy (literally a PHD level academic), and he has an awesome idea for an app that uses immensely rich data to help with the planning and redevelopment of our environments to make them better suited to actual human needs.

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. But the idea he wanted to communicate was simple. That was my challenge.

The idea
To make the logo 'feel' human, I wanted to make it feel like it was 'blooming'. I wanted to capture the idea of change and growth. Taking a location pin as a starting point, I repeated and rotated the form until it resembled a flower.

The flower represents beauty, life and hope... I echoed this through colour, using a rainbow-esque palette to give the idea of change.