You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at me, but fashion was one of the main things that got me into graphic design... Way, way back in the day.

It all started designing home-made rollerblading t-shirts with my pals as teenagers, but eventually I found myself working on a wakeboarding brand during my degree where I created the logo and a tonne of t-shirt and hoodie designs... Seeing my work live, and being purchased by actual people was an awesome feeling... A decade later, I STILL get this :)

Execute Clothing - The Story

I was connected with Craig Fox (@FlawelssFox) by my good friend Sophie after she saw he was looking for a designer to work with on a new apparel project. Funnily enough, I already followed him on Snapchat, so was aware of his style and content... He's pretty well-known in social media circles and is super-well-connected, so I was honoured to be involved!

Craig wanted to create a brand that would be wearable, shareable and would also have something to say. His message is to inspire people to 'act' and 'do' rather than just talking about stuff.

His message is to EXECUTE.

Being known for his meticulously groomed beard, we thought it would be fun to have this as part of the brand. Another thing Craig wanted to include was a nod to Mexican-style sugar skulls... They captured the 'hipster' vibe he was after, and they just look cool, don't they?

The idea I had was to create a bearded hipster skull, soft enough to not be too masculine, but with enough 'about it' to make you look twice.

I used a couple of little tricks to make it stand out from your average skull logo... The main face is made from the 'negative space' formed by the beard and the hat. And as a second little addition, the teeth/mouth part are also an uppercase letter E on its side.

Little details like that are what give people a reason to talk about it, and ultimately, remember it.

To see more stuff like this, have a gander at more of my work here.