As a person who doesn't vote, this election is pretty irrelevant to me... Other than watching the circus on social media where folks are trying to decide which of the two candidates is the biggest bellend - That part is fun! 

But you know what? Whichever way it goes, whoever wins or loses, tomorrow the sun will still come up and you'll be doing pretty much whatever you were supposed to be doing anyway - Unless it snows of course, in which case WE'RE ALL SCREWED!

Protect your energy and focus on YOU

The danger in living vicariously through sports people, celebrities or political candidates is that you give THEM the power, and you allow them to control your happiness. By all means, vote... If you want to. But also accept that you don't have to. I hate the argument that "people died so you can vote"... Hmmm, maybe they did, maybe if we could ask them they'd have a different story. I'd argue that they died for my RIGHT to vote - I just choose to not exercise this right.

I think they'd have wanted me to have that choice too - Just in case the whole system was a corrupt farce, for example.

And if you're anything like me, you probably don't really understand the repercussions of casting your vote one way or the other anyway. Come on, be honest!

In fact, Naseem Taleb would argue that even the experts don't have a clue - Studies have shown that leading economists and political commentators are about as good at predicting future events as your average taxi driver - Both having a hit-rate of slightly worse than a random stab in the dark.

The danger I see is that people are too quick to attach their whole identity to somebody else's cause - To somebody who probably wouldn't urinate on you if you were on fire. How many politicians do you think actually want to deliver anything other than wins for themselves and the people who have funded their campaigns?

So until we get to a position where we have an actual democracy, I'm going to focus on MY world and MY goals - I'm voting Super Logo Boy 2016... And every year that follows!