This is going to be a short blog post because it's a post to say that there won't be a post today. (Sort of)

I was talking with my business coach yesterday and got a bit of a telling off for working too hard and reading too much. If only my high school teachers could see me now!

But anyways, I hadn't actually realised, but I haven't  taken a day off this year, not even a Bank Holiday.

Some days I've done only a few hours work, but I haven't completely switched off at any point.

So today is going to be my first.

It's my wedding anniversary (7 years) and also my 'normal' anniversary (17 years)... It keeps it tidy to have these on the same day, and also saves thousands of pounds in 'extra' presents over the course of a relationship.

But I digress.

I'm taking the day off and am whisking the wife away for a fancy Michelin Starred meal.

Normal service will resume tomorrow.