I’m a big fan of Super Cheap Logos’ work. He’s awesome at what he does.

The thing I enjoyed most about working with (Logo Man) is that he took a genuine interest in what I was trying to achieve.

As a complete novice when it comes to designing logo’s I knew I needed some help. Within a couple of days (Logo Man) was able to come up with a unique concept that was perfect for my personal brand.

I’d recommend Super Cheap Logos to anyone who is thinking about designing a logo. He takes care of all the technical stuff so you don’t have to!
— Mike McNally, The Dream Exec


So, who is Logo Man?

I am a graphic designer with well over a decade's professional agency experience. I graduated from The University of Salford many moons ago, and have been commercially active ever since.

As a child I always loved to draw. It started off with dinosaurs and WWF wrestlers, but eventually, after discovering heavy metal, I began to fall in love with typography. Hours would be spent trying to re-create Iron Maiden album covers, or drawing the (still awesome) Metallica logo... Who'd have thought back then that the lightning bolt symbol would emerge as my own personal icon?


Why Super Cheap Logos?

Fast-forward from my scuffed-knee era to shortly after graduating from University. The type of work that appealed to me was branding and identity creation, this is the purest form of graphic design. Taking a company's ideals, essence and being; and encapsulating it in a unique symbol or icon is just so challenging and rewarding. Every logo I see in the real world, I analyse, scrutinise the decision process and wonder how I might have done it differently. To put it simply, logos move me. I even love the ones I hate, because they made me feel something.

You should be getting the picture here... I bloody love logos. This website is my dream to earn a living doing only what I love, making them.

Because I am a lone-wolf, this means I can offer an extremely competitive (stupidly low) price. The reward I get from doing good work means far more than getting rich.

Anyway, that's enough about me. I'll be revealing more in my blog, so please check there for views, half-baked northern wisdom and book summaries. It'll be a nice blend, I promise.